Web site currently under construction.  Meanwhile here is a tip for Mac users wanting to run Windows on an external boot drive.


It is exceedingly simple to install Windows 8.1 and 10 on an external disk attached to a Mac and boot to it by restarting and holding option so as two get the start up disk.  The caveat is to set this up you need to have Parallels on the Mac.  To accomplish this staggeringly simple task all you need a a couple of free tools available for Windows and the ISO image of the Windows version you wish to install.  The free tools required are WintoUSB and MiniTool Partition.  Install these on your Parallels set up and use them to prep the external HD attached to USB3 on the Mac. This is simply two partitions, a smaller one formatted as FAT32 and a larger one as NTFS.  Then use WintoUSB to install from the ISO to this disk.  That's it! I can do this with my eyes closed.  It is fast and what's more there is no requirement to install Boot Camp drivers.  In fact I find it far better not to.